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Agrippina I coins

c.14 BCE - 33 CE Mother of Caligula, wife of Germanicus.

AE Sestertius (Posthumous)

RIC 55 (Caligula), BMC 85 (Caligula), BN (Caligula) 128, C 1 Sestertius Obv: AGRIPPINAMFMATCCAESARISAVGVSTI - Draped bust right.
Rev: SPQRMEMORIAEAGRIPPINAE - Carpentum pulled left by two mules. 37-41 (Rome).

RIC 102 (Claudius), BMC 219, C 3 Sestertius Obv: AGRIPPINAMFGERMANICICAESARIS - Draped bust right.
Rev: TICLAVDIVSCAESARAVGGERMPMTRPIMPPP - Legend around large SC. c.50-54 (Rome).