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409 - 411 Not to be confused with the better known "Constans II" of the Byzantine period, Constans was the son of usurper Constantine III who rebelled against Honorius from his base in Britain. Constantine III racked up several early military successes and added Gaul and Spain to his domains. At the height of his glory days he elevated his son to co-emperor clearly showing his dynastic aspirations. Constans, whose real name prior to accession is unknown, was sent to Spain to quell a loyalist revolt. While the revolt was suppressed in short order, Constans left the independent-minded Gerontius in charge of the region before returning to Gaul. This proved a mistake for Gerontius would within another year declare his own independence and inveigh his son, Maximus, with the imperial title. This break in rank played into Honorius' game plan as the two factions began warring each other and weakening in the process. When the time was right Honorius sent his ablest general, Constantius III, to deal the final blow to both and thereby recoup all lost territories with the exception of Britain which he decided to abandon for lack of resources.

AR Siliqua

RIC 1540 (X, Constantine III) Siliqua Obv: DNCONSTANSPFAVG - Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VICTORIAAAVGGG Exe: KONT - Roma seated left, holding Victory on globe and spear.