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Byzantine Emperor John I Tzimisces coins


AU Histamenon Nomisma

SB 1785, DOC III 3 AU Histamenon Nomisma Obv: Facing bust of Christ.
Rev: The Virgin crowning John, who holds patriarchal cross; manus Dei above his head, MОё above hers. 969-976 (Constantinople). $390 4/1/01.

SB 1789a AU Histamenon Nomisma Obv: Christ facing bust, raising hand and holding Gospels.
Rev: The Virgin Mary on right crowning John I on left, holding patriarchal cross. 969-976 (Constantinople).

AR Miliaresion

SB 1792, DOC III 7a AR Miliaresion Obv: +IhSSXRISTShICA - Name and bust of John in medallion on cross.
Rev: +IAnn'/EnXAVO/CnAT,SVb'/bASILVS/ROAI' - Legend in five lines, arabesques top and bottom. (Constantinople).


SB 1794, DOC III 8 AE3 Obv: Monogram.
Rev: Monogram. (Cherson).