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Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus I coins

802-811 Although disliked by Church leaders for his tax reforms, Nicephorus is credited with turning around the moribund economy by instituting more responsible fiscal policies. He was also a competent military leader who considerably weakened the Bulgars and managed to slow the Muslim territory nibbling on the eastern frontiers. He died while fighting the Bulgars who managed to ambush him on one of their ongoing struggles. His humiliation didn't end with his death as his skull was clad in silver and made into a wine goblet for the Bulgar king!

AU Solidus

SB 1604, DOC 2 AU Solidus Obv: nICIFOROSbASIL' - Crowned, bearded, facing bust of Nicephorus wearing chlamys and holding cross potent and akakia
Rev: SAVRACISSPO - Facing bust of Stauracius wearing chlamys and holding globus cruciger and akakia. 803-811 (Constantinople).