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Byzantine Emperor Romanus IV Diogenes coins


AU Histamenon

SB 1859, DOC III 1, BN 1 AU Histamenon Obv: Michael VII standing, flanked by Constantius and Andronicus, all on footstools.
Rev: Christ crowning Romanus and Eudocia. (Constantinople).

SB 1861, DOC III 2 AU Histamenon Obv: KWNMXANР  - Michael standing, holding labarum and akakia, flanked by Constantius and Andronicus, each holding globus cruciger and akakia; each wearing saccos and loros; dotted exergual line below.
Rev: +PWMANSEVР UKIA - Christ standing on footstool, crowning Romanus and Eudocia, each wearing saccos and loros and holding globus cruciger; IC XC on either side of Christ's head. (Constantinople).

AU Tetarteron

SB 1862, DOC III 3 AU Tetarteron Obv: Virgin Mary facing, holding shield with infant Jesus Christ within.
Rev: Romanus and Eudocia standing either side of cross on globe. (Constantinople).

AE Follis

SB 1866 AE Follis Obv: Bust of Christ, dotted cross behind head, holding Gospels.
Rev: Cross with globus and pellet terminals. [Overstruck specimen] $26 9/8/02.